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Dženis Ejupi - Information Technologies' 13

Dženis Ejupi - Information Technologies' 13

Hi. I’m Dzenis Ejupi. I’ve started my software developer career at International Burch University.

Vienna University of Technology, Software Engineering '17

Hi. I'm Dzenis Ejupi. I've started my software developer career at International Burch University.

I say "started my career" because Burch sets you up with various projects in most of the courses you take. Believe it or not, those small projects assigned to you are (and will be) the foundation of your future practical skills. So take them seriously and make an effort to do more than what professors require of you. Implement an advanced feature. Go a step further. It will pay off, and you will reap the benefits of doing that, much sooner than you can imagine.

Speaking from my own experience, no one told me that one seemingly "small" project assignment during the "Android Mobile Programming" course would turn into a mobile application that, with the support from our university, would take us to the Infomatrix 2013 finals (an international computer project competition in Romania). Additionally, my colleague and I won the competition and were awarded a gold medal for it. That was a truly mind-opening experience for me. It taught me much more than I could possibly imagine or explain here. Fast forward 2 years, and here I am, working on my masters degree in Software Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. I'm also a Software Developer here in Vienna, at Horizon Genomics. I work in research and development of GENESIS™, one of the world's most advanced genome-editing platforms.